Ms Dayle Trotter





BSc (Geography & Zoology);

BSc Hons (Geography);

MSc with Distinction (Geography)

Currently reading for my PhD


Office Block:


Office nr 15

3rd Floor, Science Building

Main Campus






+27 (0) 33 260 5089

+27 (0) 33 260 5344





Biographical sketch

2007 – present              Lecturer, Discipline of Geography, School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa).


2003 – 2006                         Environmental Scientist, SRK Consulting, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa).


Academic Profile

  • Lecturer and supervisor of Physical Geography, environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental management, environmental governance, policy and legislation, local economic development.


Current Teaching /Courses

  • Weather and climate - levels 1 and 2 (meteorological and climatological processes that shape the biophysical environment, as well as the impacts of and adaptations to climate change, globally and more specifically in southern Africa).
  • Environmental management and assessment – levels 2 and 3 (key environmental discourses, environmental governance, policy and legislation, environmental assessment tools and practices);
  • Contemporary environmental issues – level 4 (cooperative environmental governance, air and water quality impacts and management, renewable and alternative energies, solid and effluent waste management, biodiversity conservation, and global climate change).

 Professional Activities

  • Undergraduate and post-graduate lecturing in physical geography and environmental management;
  • Supervision of post-graduate research at an Honours and Masters level in geographical and environmental management issues;
  • Internal and external examination of post-graduate research dissertations at an Honours and Masters level;
  • Mentoring and guiding students in career decisions and assistance with internship placements and work experience (IAIAsa KZN Student Branch)​;
  • Review of academic manuscripts submitted for publication in peer reviewed journals;
  • Environmental consulting (activities undertaken as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner):

    • Conducting environmental impact assessment (EIAs);
    • Preparation of and monitoring on-site compliance with environmental management plans (EMPs);
    • Consultation with interested and affected parties (I&APs) and facilitation of meetings and workshops;
    • On-site (field) investigations and groundtruthing;
    • Project communication and coordination with clients, specialists and key stakeholders;
    • Research and information gathering; and
    • Report-writing, document compilation and external review.


    Community Activities

    • Creating ‘work-experience’ opportunities with local companies for school-going and university students on a regular basis;
    •  International Association for Impact Assessment: South African Affiliate (IAIAsa):

    -        KZN Branch Committee member (2005 – 2011)

    -        KZN Student Branch Staff Coordinator (2010 – current).


    My role on the IAIAsa KZN Student Branch is to foster strong relationships between current students, recent graduates and industry through the:

    • Coordination of regular student-run meetings and other events held on campus with presentations and / or workshops by industry in the environmental management and assessment fields;
    • Facilitation of networking of students at meetings with professionals for information sharing and identification of work experience opportunities;
    • Ensuring students have the opportunity to present their research activities at the monthly meetings and other events.


    Visit the IAIAsa KZN Student Branch website for more information.


    Research Interests

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