Research Interests


Denotes consultancy-based projects

2013: Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Mzansi Golden Economy in the Department of Arts and Culture (R200 000)  

The Department of Arts and Culture through its Mzansi’s Golden Economy Business Unit appointed Octagon South Africa as a service provider to monitor and evaluated projects that are funded through this programme. I am providing technical support in this project, particularly in relation to developing survey instruments and methodological approach to analyse data to inform the monitoring and evaluation system.

2012: Ndwedwe Household Survey (R100 000 including field costs) 

This is part of a broader National Treasury funded project to develop a Regional Development Framework for Ndwedwe Municipality. I am the principal investigator in terms of undertaking a household survey to establish community needs and perceptions in relation to development options in the Municipality. To this end, I was responsible for developing the sampling framework and survey instrument, training the fieldworkers, undertaking primary data collection and analysis, as well as linking findings from this aspect of the project to the proposed Regional Development Framework.

2011: Socio-economic and environmental impacts of Conference of the Parties (COP17) - Joint project with Tourism KwaZulu-Natal and Durban Tourism   

This research is a joint collaboration between Tourism KwaZulu-Natal and Durban Tourism. The main objective of the research is to conduct a socio-economic and environmental impact assessment of the COP17 event held in Durban in 2011. Tourism KwaZulu-Natal and Durban Tourism funded the fieldwork component of the study and I, via my research funds, paid for the data inputting and fieldwork supervision. I also developed the survey instruments (Socio-economic and Green surveys) and sampling framework. I am primarily responsible for the data analysis in relation to the Green survey and have access to all the primary data collected for use by students and for academic publications. 


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