Publications, Projects and Research


Research Journal Articles & Book Chapters:

  • Foggin, T. Munster, D. Enhancing Linkages between Rural Communities and Protected Areas in KwaZulu Natal Through Tourism – ‘Abantu Bayasizana’ (People Helping People), Journal of Tourism Studies. Vol. 11, No. 1, May 2000 James Cook University, Australia.
  • Foggin, T. Munster, D.  Finding the Middle Ground between Communities and Tourism.  Tourism and Development in Africa.  Africa Insight Vol.33(1/2) 2000.
  • Foggin, T. How can a tourism research journal contribute to enhancing the region's tourism system? Africa Insight. 2003 Vol. 33 No. 1/2 pp. 18-22.
  • Rogerson, C.M. & Visser, G. Tourism and Development Issues in Contemporary South Africa. Africa Institute of South Africa. 2004.  Ch. 19 Finding the Middle Ground between Communities and Tourism.


Conference Presentations

  • IIPT Dar es Salaam, Tanzania–2001.  Lilani Hot Springs a community based tourism public private partnership success?
  • IIPT Glasgow, UK – 1999 – Finding the middle ground between communities and tourism
  • The 15th International Caretakers of the Environment Conference, Pietermaritzburg, RSA. 1-5 July 2001.  Community Based Tourism –Success or Failure in the Making.




Development of a framework for community and nature based tourism in Rwanda including developing carrying capacities for National Parks 

 Rwanda  Rwandan Tourism Authority (MoT) & SNV - UNWTO


Branding and market access support to local tourism enterprises with RETOSA, the (Regional Tourism Organisation for Southern Africa) This included responsible development and creation of clustering nodes


SADC Region

Incl Namibia
12 National Tourism Authorities. Tourism Agencies in the respective SADC countries. USAID, UNDP, IFC, SNV, Educational Institutions in SADC. RETOSA Membership states. IUCN, FTTSA. UNWTO

08 -12/2008        

Voluntary Programme (VSO) Pro Poor Business Linkages with hotels in Ethiopia


Two Eco -Lodge accommodation providers


05 – 09/2007      

Government incentives for increasing PPT impacts. Research and Capacity building with ORTPN – Rwanda (MoT)

Rwandan Tourism Authority

SNV Rwanda and local tourism associations in Rwanda - UNWTO




Tourism Value Chain - Rural Livelihoods Strategy              

Objectives: CBNRM study, measuring the economic impact the park was having on communities living in the buffer zone and village action groups; improving pro poor linkages between them and lodge operators/hotels.

South Luangwa

National Park


Zambian Wildlife Authority

South Luangwa Tourism Association

Private Sector Tourism Hotels

University of Queensland


4 day Training Seminar:  Ecotourism and poverty alleviation
 Arusha Tanzania Tanzanian Ministry of National Parks and Tourism and SNV - UNWTO


Development of Public-Private Partnership with Pondoland Coastal community and tour operator Drifters in South Africa

 Eastern Cape

South Africa

Eddie Koch Consulting & ST-EP (Sustainable Tourism –Eliminating Poverty Programme) UNWTO


Understanding the tourism carrying capacity for Zanzibar’s Marine Protected Areas. Pemba,   Unguju, and Mafia Islands.  A social science approach. Funded by the World Bank and Tanzania’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Republic of Zanzibar & Tanzania   

 Tanzanian Tourism Authority (MoT) & WB




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