GIS Equipment

State of the art equipment to support research and teaching exists in the Geo-information Science section. There are three ASD Analytical Spectral Device spectroradiometer (FieldSpec Pro FR, Analytical Spectral Device, Inc, USA.). The ASD covers the spectral range between 350 to 2500 nm with a 1.4 nm sampling interval between 350-1050 nm range and ±2 nm between 1 050 – 2 500 nm.


The equipment is used to measure spectral reflectance of surface features to support projects ranging from species discrimination, biochemical detection in plants, biomass, soil quality, among others.

There are also a number of GPS units with varying models for under graduating teaching and research. These include sub meter Geo-XT and centimeter Geo XH (Trimble) accuracy GPS units as well as Etrex for undergraduate teaching.


The latest Trimble acquisition can measure under tree canopy with a very high accuracy.



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